KEO Zivania (3 Bottle Minimum)
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KEO Zivania (3 Bottle Minimum)


    Grape Variety: Xynisteri and Mavro.

    Alcohol/ABV: 45%

    Product Characteristics: Zivania is a traditional Cypriot alcoholic beverage, and is characterized by its typical taste and aroma. It is colourless and it has a pleasant alcoholic content with light aroma of raisins. It is a pure alcoholic drink that contains no added sugars. Zivania is protected geographical indications (PGI) product, and it belongs to grape marc spirits category.

    Fermentation of Grapes: The grapes of local varieties Xynisteri (white) and Mavro (red) are carefully destemmed and crushed. Fermentation of grapes takes place in stainless steel fermenters in contact with skins and seeds (method of fermentation on skins – red fermentation).

    Distillation: Distillation process consists of loading the wash – fermented grape skins (marcs) with wine in a “single” copper distiller (alembic) for a batch operation. First running’s a quantity of 1-2% of the proposed distillate, known as the “head” containing most of the methanol and other volatiles. This is not potable, so is discarded. The main distillate “heart” is collected as Zivania, and it is starting from 65% Vol. and continues until the alcohol content of the running distillate is between 40-38% Vol. Total alcohol content of main distillate is 52% Vol. and then diluted down to 45% Vol. with deionised water.

    Tasting: Produced & distilled from carefully selected grapes which creates it clear colourless and strong taste with light aromas.



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