Domain Mega Spileo
        Official references to the monastery vineyard date back to 1550. The domain and winery were used by monks for viticulture and the harvesting of grapes. The monks were producing wine in the winery building located on the vineyard and, then transported the grape must by mules to the monastery’s famous cellar where they decanted it to 500lt wooden barrels. Local workers were involved in this process, helping the monks and glorifying the Great Vineyard “Megali Ambelos” and its wine. In the late 80s, viticulture was stopped due to the gradual desertion of the monastery and the lack of monks. The building of the old winery is still exist on the vineyard and was recently restored.

        In 1999, the vineyard was rented from the Mega Spileo Monastery, renovated and new vines were planted. Linear vineries of local and international varieties, with a late germinative cycle were planted: Mavrodafne, Mavro Kalavritino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Lagorthi, Asyrtiko, Malagouzia, Riesling. Plantation density: 4100 plants per ha.  There is no artificial irrigation system used. The Mega Spileo vineyard has only natural watering from atmosphere and soil. The organic methods of viticulture have been applied on the vineyard.

        Domain Mega Spileo (8)

        Mega Spileo Mavro Kalavritino Merlot (3 bottle minimum)

        $24.95 CAD

        Domain Mega Spileo III Cuvée Red (12 bottle minimum)

        $31.95 CAD

        Domain Mega Spileo Red (3 bottle minimum)

        $47.95 CAD

        Domain Mega Spileo III Cuvée White (3 bottle minimum)

        $27.95 CAD

        Domain Mega Spileo Cabernet Sauvignon (3 bottle minimum)

        $40.95 CAD

        Domain Mega Spileo Malagouzia (3 bottle minimum)

        $21.95 CAD

        2020 Domain Mega Spileo Assyrtiko (3 Bottle Minimum)

        $22.95 CAD

        Domain Mega Spileo Natural Orange Wine (3 Bottle Minimum)

        $56.95 CAD
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