Fix Hellas Beer
          FIX HELLAS Lager is brewed in Greece by the Olympic Brewery. It is a wholly owned Greek brewing company that was re-launched into the Greek market in 2010. FIX was first brewed in 1833 by Johann Ludwig Fuchs (Fix) who used the knowledge taught to him by his father in developing a beer for the new at the time Royal House of Greece. Encouraged by the Northern European elite quickly taking commissions in Greece post its independence, Fuchs son Johann Karl Fuchs (FIX is taken form the Greek translation of their name) opened the FIX Brewery in 1864 in Athens Greece.
          The company remained in family hands until 1983 when the last of the FIX descendants to remain a master brewer saw the company foreclosed.
          In 2009 the Olympic Brewing Company re-launched the brand into the Greek market place and when it was bought by Hitos AVEE, the brand received an increased focus and celebrated re emergence as a popular Greek beer and brand.
          FIX HELLAS Lager is made from the finest quality hops and is drawn from a recipe handed down from the original brewer.

          Fix Hellas Beer (3)

          Fix Dark Pilsner Hellas-Bottles (by the case)

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          Fix Pilsner Hellas-Bottles (by the case)

          $60.00 CAD

          Fix Pilsner Hellas-Cans (by the case)

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