Katogi Averoff

Cultivating the highest-altitude mountain vineyards in Greece at Metsovo since 1959, Katogi Averoff offers unique wine-centric experiences in a winning combination of wine, art and hospitality.

Katogi Averoff finds inspiration in life and people; in vines, which flourish under difficult conditions; in bears and birds, our companions in the Metsovo vineyards; in people, who overcome all adversities to create. We are inspired by everything that delights the senses and frees the mind and soul – everything that transforms our winemaking pursuit into a true state of mind.


Katogi Averoff (4)

Ultimate Greek Wine Gift set for HHF members

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Tier 2 mixed Greek wine box (12 bottles)

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Katogi Averoff White (by the case)

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Katogi Averoff Red (by the case)

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