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            Arriving from Holland in 1982; Har, Sophie, and the Eradus kids settled in Auckland. After a 20 year stint in the flower industry the decision was made to sell up and search New Zealand for a semi-retirement project. A vineyard in the stunning Awatere Valley, Marlborough, a valley that was later going to become renowned for producing some of New Zealand’s best Sauvignon Blanc. Upon development, completion and launching the brand with the “Eradus Sauvignon Blanc 2002”, Har and Sophie realised a vineyard and wine label was a proposition far from semi-retirement. In 2004, Hanna and Michiel Eradus took over the reins. Apart from laying the foundations for a great wine company, Har and Sophie also discovered the Eradus logo. When cleaning up the old shed, Sophie found an old “pot belly” door with an embossed logo. Looking carefully, you can make out an “H”, “S” and “E”… Har and Sophie Eradus. It was meant to be!

            The Essence Of The Awatere Valley

            The Awatere valley is located 20 minutes south of the Wairau plains and is separated by the Weld pass. On a sliver of terrace at the edge of the river, Eradus grows wines that encapsulates this extraordinary place.

            Our roots are bedded in the free draining rock and loess of the riverbed, capturing the character of the land. Our vines are warmed by day and cooled by night, in an extreme climate influenced by mountains and sea. The result is wine that speaks of the old world and the new, with the fruit driven character Marlborough is known for, along with the minerality and crisp clean acidity delivered by this harsh Awatere environment. In a valley forged by fault lines, carved by winds, scorched by sun, and cooled by ocean, our wines are the essence of the Awatere.

            Eradus Wines (5)

            Ana Sauvignon Blanc (3 bottle minimum)

            $24.95 CAD

            ERADUS Single Vineyard Late Harvest Sticky Mickey 2017 (3 Bottle Minimum)

            $21.25 CAD

            Eradus Sauvignon Blanc (3 bottle minimum)

            $22.95 CAD

            Eradus Pinot Gris “Single Vineyard” (by the case)

            $19.95 CAD

            Eradus Pinot Noir “Single Vineyard” (by the case)

            $24.95 CAD
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