Show your appreciation to those you love with our carefully crafted gift boxes. Gift boxes are curated by selecting fine wines and spirits and top-quality products from Kolonaki Fine Foods.

Prefer to create your own gift box for someone special or a group of people? Call us at 416.630.7392 or email us at We will work with you to create packages that fit your budget and gifting needs.

Gift Sets (Holiday & Other) (9)

Pairs Best with Dad

$120.00 CAD

Best Dad Ever

$125.00 CAD

La Vie en Rosé & Sweets

$145.00 CAD

The Joyous Mother

$95.00 CAD

The Sweet Life

$100.00 CAD

It's all Traditions to Me

$120.00 CAD

Northern Lights

$70.00 CAD

Roots Spirit gift set with free glasses

$200.00 CAD$250.00 CAD

Custom Gift Box

$200.00 CAD
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