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Fix Dark Pilsner Hellas-Bottles (by the case)

$50.00 CAD$60.00 CAD

Kir Yianni Gift Box

$110.00 CAD$140.00 CAD

Skinos Mastiha Spirit & Otto's Athens Vermouth with free glasses Gift Box

$75.00 CAD$90.00 CAD

Greek Rose All Day Gift Box

$100.00 CAD$120.00 CAD

Santorini Gift Box

$240.00 CAD$300.00 CAD

Ultimate Greek White Wine Gift Box

$115.00 CAD$135.00 CAD

Thalia Wine Gift Set

$45.00 CAD$55.00 CAD

Roots Spirit gift set with free glasses

$200.00 CAD$250.00 CAD

Tier 1 mixed Greek wine box (12 bottles)

$160.00 CAD$180.00 CAD