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Thalia White (3 bottle minimum)
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Thalia White (3 bottle minimum)

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    Thalia was born in Greece to Zeus, king of the gods, and Mnemosyne, the personification of thought, intellect and memory, and the Mother of the arts. She is the eighth of the nine Muses, the deities that inspired artists to create.

    She is the goddess of comedy, poetry, and festivity. She is the one who inspired laughter to emanate from Greek theatres. To the ancient Greek philosophers, she was the inspiration for their symposiums where they drank wine, listened and danced to music, debated, recited poetry and revelled the night away.

    She is our wine’s muse. She embodies our wine that is born of ancient Greek lands and carries in its genes the fermentations of inspired generations. She is every woman.
    Today, Thalia wines are best enjoyed amongst friends and loved ones, in person or virtually, where we subconsciously desire to recreate the ancient gatherings that were about enjoying each other’s company, thoughts and laughter.

    Made with Syrah 50% and Kotsifali 50% grapes this wine has with a ruby colour and a fresh nose that opens up to reveal red fruit, spices and earthy aromas. The taste is round, with soft tannins and good acidity, great presence in the mouth and cherry fruit flavour leading to a clean finish. Enjoy it with roasted, grilled or casseroled red meat, pizza, pasta or simply soft yellow cheese by the fireplace. Best served at a temperature of 18˚C and available in 187mL, 750mL bottles.

    Limited Edition Thalia White

    In an effort to consistently support the arts, Thalia Wine has created a collaboration with a local artist in order to create an interpretation of her muse.

    The name of the image is ‘Beauty of the Muse’. Billy Lourakis is a Soul Coach, Mama and Healer residing in Toronto. She uses her own life journey as a creative canvas through which the muse works.

    Thalia white is made with Sauvignon Blanc 50% and Vilana 50% grapes this wine has golden-green glints, a seductive and extremely fruity nose, with aromas of banana, pineapple, pear and melon, and floral notes on a lime background. On the palate, it is smooth, richly textured with an elegant citrus acidity that provides a good balance, prolonging the refreshing finish. Enjoy it with seafood, Asian dishes, white meat and Mediterranean Tapas by the sea. Best served at a temperature of 10-12˚C and available in 187mL, 750mL bottles.







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