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Skouras Labyrinth
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Skouras Labyrinth

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    A one-of-a-kind wine that is made from sequent vintages of the Megas Oenos label that mature together in a special foudre (barrique). It is intricately complex, with an evolving bouquet, and a well-structured, full-bodied mouth, with mature velvet tannins and a long, round, most elegant finish.

    In a foudre of 1,000 litres, sequent vintages of Megas Oenos mature together. In 2001, this foudre was filled for the first time with the final blend of Megas Oenos 1999. Since then, every year, and after the final blend of the latest Megas Oenos vintage comes on the market, a specific amount of the wine in the foudre is taken away and bottled and the barrique is filled with new Megas Oenos. The wine matures in the foudre until the next vintage of Megas Oenos –which itself matures in new French barriques for 18 months– is bottled. Labyrinth matures for a further 12 months in bottle in our cellar before it gets released.

    The colour is deep purple with some terracotta hues. On the nose it is mature, concentrated, dense, and with immense complexity. Aromas are focused on ripe red fruits (morello cherries, blackberries and cherries) along with spicy characteristics such as clove, cinnamon and black pepper. Hints of herbal aromas and cedar are revealed. On the mouth it is full-bodied, smooth and silky, with well-structured tannins and vivid acidity: so mature and yet so young. Flavours are consistent with the aromas and become even more dominant. The aftertaste is elegant, powerful, exquisitely complex, and seems to go on forever.


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