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Ouzo Mini (3 bottle minimum)
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Ouzo Mini (3 bottle minimum)

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    What makes ouzo MINI of Mytilene unique, is/are the 17 secret recipes of its producers and the fact that they are all combined in one. One recipe that is kept unaltered through time and contains the distillers’ expertise and know how.
    A recipe which, combined with the special aromatic herbs of Lesvos and aniseed from the location of Lisborio, creates the favourite across the country ouzo, ouzo MINI of Mytilene.

    In the traditional copper pots of EPOM distilleries, a solution of alcohol and water is kept for hours with seeds, local aromatic herbs and plants, along with the famous aniseed from Lisvorio and the unique mastic from the island of Chios. Then, the solution is distilled slowly and carefully and is subject to continuous tests. This distillation is called "the heart". Before ending up in bottles, "the heart" is diluted with soft water coming from the best fountains, so that the Ouzo MINI of Mytilene acquires the desired alcoholic strength. It is fair to describe Ouzo MINI of Mytilene as the smoothest and most mellow ouzo because its ingredients, among which the most dominant is the anise from Lisvorio (The best anise in the world!), are still as pure and of high quality as they have been for years. Nothing has changed in the traditional copper still pots; nothing has changed in the persistent and fascinating distillation process and production. This is what makes Ouzo MINI of Mytilene so distinctive.



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