Rambla, Organic Rosé Wine
Rambla, Organic Rosé Wine
Rambla, Organic Rosé Wine
Rambla, Organic Rosé Wine
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Rambla, Organic Rosé Wine

$17.95 CAD

    REGION: Penedés, Spain (Declassified D.O.) 
    VINTAGE: 2023 
    ALC VOL: 12% 
    VARIETIES: Black Grenache & Tempranillo 
    CLOSURE: Screw Cap 
    BOTTLE VOL: 75cl 
    SERVING TEMP: 6°- 8°C  

    Organic Wine 

    Rambla rosé wine embodies the fresh and lively character of the Mediterranean, capturing the essence of the region. It is a refreshing, aromatic, and versatile wine that pairs exceptionally well with many special moments.

    The wine is created using a variety of red grapes, with Black Grenache being the main grape. This variety is well-suited to the Mediterranean climate and contributes freshness and acidity for balance and character. All the grapes are sourced from selected organic vineyards. The winemaking process involves cold film maceration to extract aromas and color, followed by gentle pressing for a maximum yield of 50%. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature to preserve the essence of the varieties and their aromatic expression.

    Color: Very pale reflections.

    Aroma: This is a fresh wine with a fruity scent. The notes of white and citric pulp fruit such as sour apple and bergamot are prominent, followed by the emergence of fleshy red fruits like strawberry and plum, rounded off by sweet fruit notes, making it very sweet on the nose.

    Taste: It is dry and fresh with good acidity that delicately melts, leaving a long and persistent mouthfeel that invites you to take another sip.

    It perfectly accompanies Mediterranean cuisines, such as salads, grilled vegetables, oily fish, and seafood. Ideal for an aperitif. Also a great companion for tapas or sushi.



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