THALIA Rosé Single Serve 187ml (Please contact the office for availability)
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THALIA Rosé Single Serve 187ml (Please contact the office for availability)

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    THALIA Rosé | ΡΟΖΕ
    Cabernet Sauvignon + Agiorgitiko

    Vibrant rosé colour with violet hues. Aromatic character of red fruits, white pepper, and a buttery mouthfeel. Soft on the palate with the perfect structure and crispness. Accompanies pizza, pasta, grilled white meats and fatty fish. Best served at a temperature of 8°-10° C.

    Rosé dynamique avec des reflets violets. Un vin onctueux avec un arôme de fruits rouges et de poivre blanc. Doux au palais, parfaitement structuré avec un goût frais. Accompagne bien les pizzas, les pâtes, les viandes blanches grillées et les poissons gras. À servir entre 8-10 °C.

    Ζωηρό ροζέ χρώμα με βιολετί ανταύγειες. Αρωματικός χαρακτήρας από κόκκνα φρούτα, λευκό πιπέρι και μια ελαφριά αίσθηση καραμέλας βουτύρου. Απαλό στη γεύση με τέλεια δομή και ζωηράδα. Συνοδεύει pizza, ζυμαρικά, λευκό κρέας από το γκρίλ και λιπαρά ψάρια. Απολαύστε το καλύτερα στους 8°-10° C.

    GRAPES: Agiorgitiko 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 40%

    CLASSIFICATION: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Peloponnese

    VINEYARD: Greece's noblest red grape variety, Agiorgitiko, comes from the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Nemea. It is here where the best expression of Agiorgitiko comes from. The high altitudes of Nemea allow for the full ripeness of flavour with enough acidity and structure to keep the wine balanced. Cabernet Sauvignon also comes from parcels in the high altitudes of the Achaia region. When blended, the results of these two grape varietals are a delectable and refreshing rosé perfect for with a meal, aperitif or on its own. 

    HARVEST: The grapes are hand-harvested from the mid to end of September.

    VINIFICATION: Short skin contact with each variety separately [2 to 3 hours]. The free-run wine must from both grape varieties is blended to ferment together at a low temperature using selected yeast. 

    ALCOHOL: 11.8% vol
    TOTAL ACIDITY: 5.1 g/L
    PH: 3.34



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