The Living Eulogy and embracing for a second wave of Covid-19

by Steve Kriaris on October 09, 2020

Like most of us I spend (too much) time scrolling up and down social media and come across at least one post a week about someone who has passed away. There are usually a few photos from their time on earth and a whole eulogy written below about how amazing that person was. I am certain that if the deceased were still alive, they would have loved to hear those words spoken about them and to have known how much they are loved. God knows I would love to hear it (and do hear it) from my kids while I am alive instead of them making some long-drawn post about me after the fact. So, I decided that a Living Eulogy is the way for us to make the world (especially social media) a better place.

What is a Living Eulogy? Simply put I think that a Living Eulogy can be something we write or post about a person who is alive. It is about us telling someone what they mean to us and how they may have shaped our lives.

I recently posted a Living Eulogy (click here to read) about a friend of mine who owns a restaurant, and I was amazed to read all of the great comments and positive reactions. The part that I never even thought about was how it made his children feel. When I posted my pic and words, I was simply putting it out there to tell him and my followers about my relationship with Dennis and the impact he has had on me. I then compared the comments from a traditional Eulogy after someone has passed “sorry for your loss” “RIP” “he/she was a great person” etc etc to the comments from a Living Eulogy

“Dennis was one of the best people I have worked for, was like a father to me. I agree Steve, great restaurant owner and even better man. Gia sou Dennis” NB

“Well said Steve, Dennis is an amazing human being! Treats us like royalty each and every time we have been there! One of our favorite restaurants! 😊” BK

"That sums up Dennis and Santorini 100%". MMC 👍🍷🍷😍”

“I couldn't agree more Steve. Dennis is a great host and a gentleman. Always a great dining experience at Santorini “RF

We may / may not want to post a Living Eulogy about a friend or loved one but DO take the opportunity to tell someone what they mean to you and how they may have shaped your life. Our words are better served from one living human to another. 

I have been watching the cases of Covid-19 jump up and down all summer long. What has amazed me the most is how our governments perfectly predicted when the second wave would happen and how many cases we could expect each day. I wish our government ran out country with that type of insight and precision. Either way by the time most of you read this blog the government will have announced further restrictions on us and a good chance that restaurants, bar and cinemas will be shut down and our children will not be able to go back to school. 

This will be devastating for many communities and people. The effect of another lock down will not go without many of us suffering. 

What is upon us is our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, which also means my birthday weekend. I looked back over the last 6 months of chaos during this pandemic and realized that I have been lucky and have plenty to be thankful for. So, this weekend I will be home with loved ones, and it will be filled with Thanks and Giving for those less fortunate. Instead of wanting anything for my birthday I have decided to give back to those that need it most. 

If you know of a family in the GTA that may be struggling this Thanksgiving, please send me a direct message. I would love to gift them a Thanksgiving meal for their immediate family in the form of a $100 gift card from Metro. 

I hope that we all take time this weekend to reflect and maybe even write a Living Eulogy for someone that is important to you. 

Happy Thanksgiving 



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