Patience, Gratitude and Virtue go hand in hand during these times

by Steve Kriaris on April 15, 2020

I wrote this article after spending many days and nights wondering what is going on in this world and where is the world heading.

After hours on contemplation, I came to the realization that everything happening today during the Covid-19 isolation is something that we don't really have any control over. I am not a controlling person by nature and for the most part I let things unfold how they may. This is made possible because I am also a very patient person, something I inherited from my late father. I believe that good things take time to be created and come to fruition. I believe that having virtue during these times is also something that we are all exercising now and the world is a better place for it. Truth be told I do think when this is all over we will be living in kinder times. We have been forced to be without human interaction and I believe that this type of interaction is something we will cherish a lot more moving forward.  

Our need to also be on the go has come to a screeching halt. Our desire to travel, same. The truth is the more time we spend with ourselves the more we learn about the people we have become at this stage in our lives. Not a bad thing at all. Especially if we have lived a virtuous life. 

What this time has also given me is the ability to be even more grateful for the people in my life, family, friends and co-workers et-al. I am also equaly grateful for the front line workers who are consistently facing this virus head on and deal with illness and death every day. Imagine working in a retirement residence every day and every day another elderly person has passed away. Imagine living in Italy, Spain or even my beloved city of New York. Surrounded by illness and death and the fear of "Am I next". A couple of friends in NYC who have all the symptoms of the virus get to the clinics for testing but the clinics refuse to test them because the severity is not extreme to the point of colapse or death. Just nuts. On a more comical note I did watch an Instagram story when a friend visited their grandfather (from a distance) and when asked what are you doing her grandfather replied "waiting for my friend Corona to come visit me" Funny yet pretty scary at the same time. 

My hope is that when this all comes to an end we the people take better care of ourselves and the people around us. The world should only be a better place Post Covid-19.

For those celebrating Easter this week Kalo Pascha kai Kali Anastasi. 

I hope everyone is staying safe during these times




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