2020, The year we wish we all forgot or the year we will all remember

by Steve Kriaris on June 06, 2020

“I wish 2020 never happened...”

“I wish 2020 would finally end...”

“Can we please redo this year?”

“This year is a write off...”

We hear these words all the time. Most of us have probably uttered some version of them ourselves.

But, what if 2020 is the year that we all have been subconsciously waiting for?...

Since my last post on April 15th 2020 I have revisited my thoughts and I’ve realized that this year may probably be one of the greatest years of my life. It’s certainly not due to the 50% drop in my company’s sales or my hair that looks like the man on the front label of Goru red wine from Spain. And it’s definitely not because I need to wait in line for everything I need to buy. Rather, I, and many of us have been forced to get off the treadmill of life that we have been on running on, full speed, for so many years.

I don’t discount that it has been a scary year; painful and uncomfortable. But that has forced many of us to grow; take a deep look within. It isn’t easy spending day and night with yourself unless you are completely comfortable with who you are or with facing difficult questions. Something many of us are not.


During the last three months of quarantine I am grateful that I was with Irene at home and was able to reflect, revisit and rethink the way I have been living my life. I have found a new appreciation for a minimalist lifestyle. A lifestyle that has come with a lot of books and conversations. Do we really need that much to be happy? There is so much to be said for good company, a good book and a great glass (or bottle) of wine. 


For starters I look at my children Peter & Nicole differently. They are growing up nicely and are little adults with their own opinions. I spend more time speaking with them, asking the right questions and closely listening to their answers. We’ve been spending quality time doing more of the things they enjoy while we’re at home. The conversations have changed, they’ve deepened. They’ve evolved from the same things over and over again; I Love You, I miss you, how was school, and when will I see you again?

Nicole graduated from Cedarvale and is getting ready for high school. Her grad photos taken at Mary’s home had to be taken outdoors in front of the house. It was weird at first but it was still very memorable thanks to all the effort she put into it  


I have never cooked so much in my life. What used to be a challenge for me is now something that I look forward to. Thankfully there are millions of recipe videos and food ideas online. and when the food didn't turn out great the wine made everything better. 


I haven't shopped for a single piece of clothing since February. Mind you I have had no where to go shopping or anywhere to wear the new clothes. But while pulling out my summer clothes I realized that I have so many articles of clothing that I need to donate some rather than buy more and more.


I suppose this is what happens when we live the life of a consumer. We consume everything from Netflix, clothing, social media, cable, food, entertainment etc. That is what keeps us on the treadmill and all in the name of the mighty dollar.


It seems as though we lived in a trance Pre Covid-19; a state of ignorance. We would wake up and run as if we had somewhere to go. Do we really even know why we were running and where we were going?


As far as work goes I haven't worked this hard or this many hours in years. I was forced to execute ideas I was putting off for years. I have a new found respect for working from home. I got more done on my iMac at home in less time. 


I have had more time to reconnect with my customers. Spending days on the road making contactless deliveries, I have been able to grow my website and set up a proper online business model that has increased dramatically year over year. Wine sales at the liquor stores are up significantly. It's amazing how much more we can drink when we slow down, we’re at home all day and don't have to worry about drinking and driving.


2020 has changed many of us for the better. We may not know it yet but it has. In two to three years when we look back in retrospect, we will wish we had more time to live the way we are living and enjoying more of the simpler things in life.


Let us all look at what Covid-19 has given us vs what it has taken from us. In many ways what was taken from us might be the biggest blessing of them all.

Stay well. Stay healthy and count your blessings. 

Sincerely, SK.


by Helen Christofilopoulos on June 25, 2020

Keep smiling . Life is precious!!!

by Voula Kalogeras on June 25, 2020

Steve your reflections are so true for many of us who have taken the time to sit and reflect on what is really important in our life. Before covid many were always on the go go go. They never took time to enjoy their family unit. I hope that like you and I and many others who have taken the time to reflect and realign our lives others will follow..

by Amalia markakis on June 13, 2020

Thank you for giving me the chancer to count my blessings again.

by Ioana on June 13, 2020

Totally agree. Covid-19 has given us a lesson. I hope we will not take it for granted and start to cherish those important things in life.

by Demetri on June 11, 2020

Could’t agree more. We are abundant without all these things we’ve been taught that we “need”. Maybe covid needs to continue so that we are forced to spend more time self reflecting. God knows the world needs more of that right now.

by Tanveer Bashar on June 11, 2020

Love always like 👍

by konstantin nikolaou on June 11, 2020

We need opportunity to learn. We learn through challenges and overcoming failures. 2020 is humanity’s lesson for this decade.

by John sofos on June 07, 2020

I loved it! Life is very simple but the rat race doesn’t allow you to reflect on anything that is important to you! It’s sad that it took a pandemic to do this. Να είσαι πάντα καλά φιλαρακι και να περνάτε όμορφα με την οικογένεια σου


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