Bitter Negroni

by Georgia Korovila on February 19, 2021
The Negroni is a popular Italian cocktail. It is made with one part gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. It is stirred, not shaken, and built over ice in an old-fashioned or rocks glass and garnished with a slice of orange. 

In our Greek version of the Negroni, we use ROOTS Diktamo in place of Vermouth. ROOTS Diktamo or dittany is known in Cretan dialect as Έρωντας' "love," as it was once believed to have aphrodisiac properties. It is a healing, therapeutic and aromatic tender perennial plant. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates prescribed dittany and other Greek herbs to aid all kinds of illnesses. 

Dikamo gives a firm and gently bitter mouthfeel, mimicking the sense of a ʻsweet velvetʼ texture and a peaty richness contrasted with herbal freshness.

Mataroa Gin is distilled and bottled in Greece and uses 12 precious ingredients from 11 Mediterranean countries to create a unique blend.

Together these ingredients blend together seamlessly, giving the bitter Negroni an intriguing depth and a smooth, delicious finish.

30 ml ROOTS Diktamo
30 ml Campari
Garnish, orange or grapefruit slice
Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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