Secret Tiramisu recipe exclusively from Jenny Sior out of Vancouver British Columbia

by Steve Kriaris on May 10, 2020

If there is ever one dessert that seems to always make everyones "TOP 10" desserts of all time, Tiramisu seems to always be on that list.

We are fortunate enough to get our hands on this secret recipe from Jenny Sior on Instagram #GreekFoodieWest (also known as The General Jen) who is based out of Vancouver and is known for her top notch hand made Tiramisu. She is kind enough share this with all of our readers at Kolonaki Group

Recipe details below:  

2 package of 400 gram lady fingers

1 Litre whipping cream

6 tbsp sugar

1 container 500 grams imported Italian Mascarpone (better source of dairy and creaminess)

Da Capo Caffe (ideally we want around 3-4 cups of watered down espresso)

1.5 cup Cold pastry cream (or sub cold vanilla pudding or buy it from a bakery)

cocoa powder for finishing


Step1: Make your espresso coffee and allow it to cool. (usually made the day before)

Step 2: In your stand mixer, whip the whipping cream with 4tbsp sugar. Pro tip, if you don’t have a splash guard for the mixer bowl, cover mixer and bowl with a large towel to avoid the whip cream from flying out of the bowl on the highest setting.

Step 3: Remove the whip cream and place in a larger bowl.


Step 4: In the stand mixer bowl place the mascarpone and 2 tbsp sugar and mix on high for 5-7 minutes or until needed for it it be come creamy and thick. Add the mascarpone to the whip cream and DO NOT MIX YET.


Step 5: Drop 1/2 cup at a time of the pastry cream into the whip cream mixture and space the pastry cream out so it’s not one big blob of cream.

Step 6: Gently fold the whip cream, pastry cream and mascarpone cream until well combined. Do not mix it, but fold over ingredients with a rubber spatula to incorporate all the creams.

 Step 7: Now you must work quickly. Begin dipping the lady fingers into the coffee for 1 second and immediately layer them into your serving container. if doing individual glasses, break the lady fingers in half.

Step 8: Once a full layer of lady fingers is down, then layer withe the cream mixture

Step 9: Add another layer of lady fingers, followed by a layer of the cream mixture. Typically most containers can get 2-3 layers.

Always remember you want the thickest layer of cream to the top layer.

Step 10: Take a clean pastry cutter or flat spatula and spread the cream and try to make it even. Finish by dusting cacao powder. Pro Tip - I lay down parchment paper and then place my container on the parchment paper before I dust with cacao. it keeps surfaces clean and the parchment paper can catch the extra cacao.

Chill immediately and allow to set 24 hours.

Pro Tip - By setting I don’t mean for the cream, I mean that the coffee flavours have penetrated every biscuit and they are all moist with no dry centres.

We hope you enjoyed this recipe from Jenny Sior.

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