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Volkan Black Wheat (by the case)



    VOLKAN is the 1st beer to be sold internationally with authentic ingredients from Santorini and the 1st member of Greece Debt Free (GDF)

    VOLKAN is a Greek beer, developed by a Santorinian and brewed in Greece with rare Cycladic ingredients. Volkan derives its exquisite texture and aroma from Santorini’s rare honey and Naxos’ Citron Medica. Volkan’s innovative ingredients and brewing method include the conditioning of the water using Santorini basalt in our proprietary Lavarock Filter™.

    Tasting Note

    First light toasted rye and pumpernickel then matched with mild smokey honey. Later sun dried black olives, a hint of bitter chocolate, licorice, with a lasting savory palette.

    Food Pairing

    Try Volkan Black wheat beer with a whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce or even plain tomato sauce.  Definitely it is the perfect pairing for cured meats, sausages, and hams.
    Santorini Black, builds on the same brewing technique and methods as the Blonde using however a different malt, the light black wheat lager and is inspired by the black volcanic cliffs of Santorini. Its colour is dark but its taste light, crisp with a springtime flavor. Although it was originally created to be sold on Santorini as a private reserve, we have started to export it from the island.

    Awards And Accolades

    Volkan Beer has won the ‘Product Innovation of the Year Award’ in Prague, in the Czech Republic.


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