Four Fox Sake (by the case)
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Four Fox Sake (by the case)

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    Four Fox Saké represents the ultimate in purity and perfection. Four Fox Saké is a ‘Junmai Daiginjo’ which is the highest grade of saké. ‘Junmai’ means that only rice, water and koji are used (no distilled alcohol artificially added), and ‘Daiginjo’ means that every grain of rice has been polished until it is just 50% (or less) of the original size. All of the fats, proteins and impurities are contained in the outer layers of the rice, and this polishing leaves just the pure ‘white heart’ of the rice grain, creating exceptional smoothness of taste.

    Regarding production, everything is produced and bottled in Niigata prefecture, NW Japan.
    We chose this area of Japan specifically because of its high snowfall, which yields exceptionally pure and soft water. We have partnered with a 150 year old brewery, who worked with us to create a custom blend, resulting in an incredibly clean and elegant Junmai Daiginjo. We brew only once a year, over the long cool winter period, using single varietal Gohyakumangoku rice that is all locally sourced, melted snow water and koji. Nothing else artificially altered or added.