Volkan Beer

          Volkan beer is the first Greek beer born in Santorini, inspired and made from the finest local ingredients of the Greek islands. Volkan beer brings you the inspiration and uniqueness of Santorinian rare flavors. Santorini has a unique ecology and climate, and from its volcanic ash soil, grow unique products with rare and intense flavors.


          Santorini honey

          Santorini honey is only harvested once every year, unlike most honeys, which are harvested 4-5 times per year. During the Volkan brewing process this special honey is added near the end, to ensure that its source flavors are preserved and to give to the beer a very delicate touch of sweetness.

          Naxos Citrus Medica, Local, Greek and Ancient

          The other defining ingredient of Volkan beer is the Ancient Citron or Citrus medica. Rare and very difficult to harvest, Citrus medica has never been used in a beer until now. Citron is the oldest known variety of citrus. Citron, often green when ripe, has very little juice but a powerful aroma and taste, distinct from other citruses. This unique citron essence is added to Volkan during and after the brewing process, and the resulting taste is incomparable: dry, sharp, earthy and sweet. Volkan is proud to use local and ancient ingredients to help make the taste of the beer fresh, exceptional and authentically Greek.

          Lavarock filter

          The water with which a beer is brewed helps determine the taste of the brew. To make an authentic Santorini brew, the creators of Volkan beer first condition the brew water with in Volkan’s proprietary lava-rock filter. The filter developed exclusively for Volkan aims to simulate how Santorini’s groundwater may have tasted thousands of years ago. The filter uses real volcanic rocks (basalt), formed from the Santorini eruption of 1500 B.C, rich with potassium and other minerals, to lay the foundation for a complex, flavorful brew with historic undertones that you can taste.

          Volkan Beer (2)

          Volkan Black Wheat (by the case)

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          Volkan Blonde Pilsner (by the case)

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